Our Gallery 

Pride is what it takes

We take pride in our selection of quality, all-natural ingredients for our products. 
We make everything right here on our farm, 
and we use our own home-grown lavender, 
which is free of harmful pesticides and 
other chemicals. 

If you have any questions about our products, about growing lavender or other plants, or about what we offer, please feel free to call or email us.
  1. Grape Vines & Lavender
    Grape Vines & Lavender
    Just before the lavender was to bloom, 2017
  2. Astilbe
    One of the plants in our nursery & butterfly house
  3. Baby Marigolds
    Baby Marigolds
    There are 512 of these in one tray!
  4. The Big Barn
    The Big Barn
    The barn at dusk.
  5. The Big Barn with Lavender
    The Big Barn with Lavender
    Blooming with the Barn
  6. A Basket of Butterflies
    A Basket of Butterflies
    Taken right after a monarch release in the butterfly house.
  7. Purple Conelfower
    Purple Conelfower
    A plant in our nursery & butterfly house.
  8. Downtown Shop
    Downtown Shop
    Just before we opened in May 2017.
  9. A View of Lavender
    A View of Lavender
    Taken from the parking lot at the farm, 2017
  10. Lavender Crop
    Lavender Crop
    The first bundles of 2017
  11. Fresh Perennial Delivery
    Fresh Perennial Delivery
    Lots of hosta and shrubs hoping for warm spring nights.
  12. Lantana
    Butterflies love Lantana!
  13. Liatris & Butterflies
    Liatris & Butterflies
    Butterflies like this one, too.
  14. Mulch Being Delivered
    Mulch Being Delivered
    Mulch, 130 yards at a a time!
  15. Baby Plants Growing
    Baby Plants Growing
    512 babies turn into about 14 flats.
  16. Making Sachets
    Making Sachets
    Last step: tags
  17. First Bunches 2015
    First Bunches 2015
    This was just the start of the harvest!
  18. Bunches in the Barn
    Bunches in the Barn
    These are waiting to be hung
  19. A Medium Bloom
    A Medium Bloom
    This field is almost purple.
  20. Greenhouse Field
    Greenhouse Field
    A few plants near the greenhouse.
  21. Asiatic Lily at Sunset
    Asiatic Lily at Sunset
    A plant available in the nursery
  22. Purple Coneflower
    Purple Coneflower
    A beautiful addition to your landscape
  23. Lavender in A Box
    Lavender in A Box
    Fresh Bouquets in an antique cherry lug
  24. Blooming Plant
    Blooming Plant
    A plant up close
  25. Perfect for the Bees
    Perfect for the Bees
    Open lavender flowers are what the bees wait for.
  26. Drying in the Barn
    Drying in the Barn
    We harvested over 25,000 of these this year, 2017
  27. Grosso Drying
    Grosso Drying
    Grosso is a taller variety that is quite fragrant.
  28. Open!
    A view of the front of our farm near the entrance.
  29. Honey Bee
    Honey Bee
    Bees love lavender!
  30. The Downtown Shop
    The Downtown Shop
    The "food" section
  31. Happy Lavender Holiday
    Happy Lavender Holiday
    What a great gift!
  32. The first bundles of 2015
    The first bundles of 2015
    Bundles waiting for the barn
  33. Hidcote, Almost Ready
    Hidcote, Almost Ready
    This field is almost ready to harvest.
  34. Lavender Roadside Stand
    Lavender Roadside Stand
    Look for the Purple Stand!
  35. Lavender & Barn
    Lavender & Barn
    One of our most popular views.